Ground Festival

In order to encourage the revival of economic activity after the pandemic, the City of Brussels organised a call for projects. The ACCJM submitted a project called “Ground Floor Festival” and won the right to organise, in collaboration with TAVU, this activity which saw six artists from the founding countries of the European Union come to “graph” their vision of nature on the pavement bordering the European Commission on the side of Rue Archimède and Rue Stévin. The opening of this open-air exhibition took place on 25 September 2021. It was recognised by Visit Brussels as one of the exhibitions that contributed to the good image of Brussels both nationally and internationally in 2021.


Artists: Alain Welter, Victoria Roussel, Roy Schreuder, Papa Chango, Iota & Ozmo.


“This is already the second action which we organised in the field of street art in one year. Our association plans to do more similar activities in order to make Carrefour Jean-Monnet known for quality street art. The goal is to create a kind of “Street Art” carpet which will be visible during the whole year. It will help us to bring more visibility for this area of Brussels and to increase the attractiveness of the entire neighbourhood.” – Nicole Du Jacqeière


poster ground festival


ERA Châtelain Schuman

Le Coin Du Diable


Yann Culinary

Sofia Osteria Contemporanea

L’Anchois Vert

Filippo Beretta


Les Années Lumière

Canna House