Christmas @ ACCJM - 2020

Since its creation as a non-profit organisation, the ACCJM has, with the help of the Echevinat des Affaires économiques of the City of Brussels, placed light columns in front of the entrances of the businesses that are members of the Association from mid-November until the first days of the following year. This display of twinkling lights gives the district a festive air, which contributes greatly to the happy relations between everyone who lives and works in the streets around the European Commission. In 2021, the City completed this column system with arcades of light placed on cables over parts of Archimede, Stévin and Franklin streets.


HSM Property

The 14

Le Jardin Du Sommelier

Piola Libri

The James Joyce

Costa D’Amalfi


La Baie d’Ha-long

Hotel Martin’s

Café Berlaymont