Who are we?

L’ACCJM est l’Association des Commerçants du Carrefour Jean Monnet.
Elle est située au pied du Berlaymont, au coeur du périmètre défini par les rues Archimède, Stevin, Franklin et par le boulevard Charlemagne.

Our Mission

The aim or object of the Association is to defend the material and moral interests of retailers, businesses and all those involved in the economic activity of the Jean Monnet district (rue Archimède, rue Stevin, rue Franklin, Bd Charlemagne).

  • To promote the image of the district and its traders
  • Defend their interests
  • Representing them in consultation and decision-making bodies
  • Organise activities and events to enhance their image

Our History

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in 1987, a few shopkeepers in Rue Archimède organised the Europe Festival in the street. This was the starting point of the Association des Commerçants de la rue Archimède. The Association changed its name when, on its initiative, the City of Brussels had the intersection of Rue Archimède, Rue Stevin and Rue Franklin named “Carrefour Jean Monnet”. t was then that the Association became known as the “Association des Commerçants du Carrefour Jean Monnet” (ACCJM). The Association, directed since 1987 by Mrs Du Jacquière, has always been particularly active. After organising several editions of the “Fête de l’Europe”, it also set up the “Trottoirs Gourmands” for several other years. She has also celebrated the arrival of one or other new country in the European Union as well as key moments in European life or in the life of the neighbourhood, such as the European Commission’s “Open Days” or the end-of-year celebrations.
In May 2017, the ACCJM, with the help of the City of Brussels, added a touch of soul to the district by installing fifteen statues, the “European Citizens”, by the German artist Suzanne Boerner, on the various corners of the Carrefour Jean Monnet. In 2018, the ACCJM set up three operations of real importance for its image and its future: the ‘balloon’ operation at the entrance to the Association’s member shops, the creation of a lighted route made of glittering columns which, from mid-November to early January, brightened up, and increasingly so each year, the whole district and, last but not least, the drafting and adoption of statutes which made the de facto association “Association des Commerçants du Carrefour Jean Monnet” a non-profit association. This paved the way for the traders in the district, which is the birthplace of the European Village of Brussels, to implement new actions, with the support of the City and other authorities that are sensitive to the efforts and projects deployed by the ACCJM asbl. And this, in order to be able to instil throughout the year a dynamic of the best kind in the whole perimeter of the Association and well beyond if the conditions are present to do so of course. What happened next proved that she has lost none of her traditional enthusiasm…

Our Team

Board members :

Nicole De Jacquière (president) – Luca Forte (treasurer) – Anne Valckenaers – Roger Lefrancq – Rosana Forte – Alex Kehagias – Santiago Caceres Plata


David Rasson is the auditor of the ACCJM.
Jean-Pierre Brouhon is in charge of the daily management of the association.

ACCJM Restaurants & Cafés

It cannot be repeated often enough, but the European quarter, known as the ACCJM, is one of those in Brussels with the largest number of restaurants and establishments which, under the name of pubs, taverns or cafés, give it a great cosmopolitan look and an atmosphere of real fellowship. Accents as multiple as they are varied make it possible to realise why the ACCJM district is indeed the cradle of Europe in Brussels. This video, directed by François Pirotte, should not only make your mouth water but also allow you to make some very happy discoveries.

ACCJM Businesses

The ACCJM perimeter rue Archimède, Bld Charlemagne, the first 2 sections of rue Franklin and the section of la rue Stevin between l’avenue de Cortenberg and rue du Taciturne) is, in terms of economic activity, made up of various very distinct brands. There is the Horeca sector (hotels, restaurants, pubs, taverns and snack bars), the shopping sector which includes food shops, chocolate shops, shops selling so-called niche products and gifts and, last but not least, the third sector which covers everything to do with well-being and services. In this video directed by François Pirotte you will find several of the brands that belong to these different sectors.

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